sunny days

well how beautiful is this weather - even though I've just been enjoying it by looking through the window blue sky and sunshine is a wonderful addition.. did get to spend a couple of minutes with this little man - who is growing up fast. the obsession with tractors is still ripe and as there were two parked outside the office yesterday he came running over to see them. I'm such a lucky auntie who gets to see her nieces and nephews daily.. and he's a lucky boy to get to spend so much time around tractors!

anyway not sure what's going to be happening for the rest of the week - Boy is turning 30 tomorrow so we are partying! Hopefully I'll catch up soon x


time off...

times gone by again - stress levels in the office are high at the moment - we will be taking some well needed time off next week to celebrate the boys big 3 0 - but, as anyone who's self employed knows, taking time off is a nightmare as you always have a massive list of things that have to get done done.

today started badly - but has got better.. this weekend is looking more like a catch up session and a few meetings for me.. hey ho.. it's all for a good cause and I'm sure we'll still have fun.

Hope you're all happy and enjoying the sun! Have a good one x



Hey - I am itching to continue editing theses guys - but thought I'd share my little preview with you.

Things are starting to get busy and I am so excited about it! I had a play at lunchtime on Lightroom 4 and have got ALOT to learn - but it's all good fun and I'm loving working on theses images I took on a drizzly saturday afternoon.. Anyhow work list is full so have to get that done first.. Things seem to be being crossed off so not doing too badly!

Also if you want to keep up to date with everything come and follow me on my Facebook page.. Going to use it for both blogs.. it's still a new space so trying my hardest to get to grips on how to use it - I'm not the best facebooker!

Hope your all having a good week - already it's wednesday.. where does the time go!


A wedding & a weekend...

So I finally did it - I've posted another wedding on my Blog! YAY.. if you've been here for a while you may recognise it! But I thought I'd let you know anyway.

I've had a crazy day - but am looking forward to a weekend with friends!

I also have to say a massive thank you to Nell for writing such a lovely post over on her beautiful blog: On the first day of marriage. I'm really excited that she's asked me to do a family session with her, Ben and their new beautiful baby Josephine. Once again all the support I've got from here means so so so much! And I am so so so excited about it all - nervous but in a good way!

Have to run - house to clean and friends to greet x


blueberry muffins

so I am and have always been a muffin fan.. when I worked in london everyday started with a muffin - if I was feeling flush it would come from Megans on the kings road - the best raspberry muffin I have ever had - not so flush then one from any coffee shop I decide to walk in that day!

Country life breakfast's are different.. there is no coffee shop, or delicatessen - I have to make my own coffee and breakfast. I was intolerant to milk when I was born so breakfast has always been a tough meal for me.. can't eat cereal - toast is dry without butter and who has time to make anything else. I also can't do yogurt - the smell makes me gag! I've been surviving off crumpets & peanut butter and the odd bowl of coco pops mixed with strong black coffee.. the same dull thing every single day!

so as the boy and I are, as always, on a health fix.. I googled healthy breakfast and ta da - found theses!

I couldn't believe theses puppies only have 6g of fat in them and only 1g of saturated fat - crazy! they also happen to be incredibly easy to make - trust me I'm not a patient baker - especially on a monday night! I followed the recipe but used my mixer so mixed up all the wet ingredients first then added in the flour and sugar and mixed just a little till combined. amazing! As you can see theses batboys aren't muffins! I didn't have a muffin tin to hand so had to improvise - I think they'd be better as muffins - but as healthy recipes go really really yum!


5 tbsp rapeseed oil
225g self-raising flour
115g wholemeal flour
2 tsp baking powder
zest ½ lemon and 1 tsp juice
85g golden caster sugar
50g light muscovado sugar
1 small very ripe banana with black skin (about 85g peeled weight)
1 egg
284ml pot buttermilk
225g fresh blueberries


Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Use 1 tsp oil to lightly oil a 12-hole muffin tin (or use paper cases). Mix both flours with the baking powder and lemon zest. Reserve 1 tbsp caster sugar, then stir the rest into the flour with the muscovado.
Mash the banana well. In another bowl beat the egg, then stir in the banana, buttermilk and oil. Using a large metal spoon, very lightly stir into the flour mix, just to combine. Over-mixing will make the muffins tough. Toss in the blueberries and give just a few turns of the spoon to carefully stir them in without crushing.
Spoon the mixture into the tin - each hole should be very full. Bake for 20-25 mins until risen and golden.
Mix the reserved caster sugar with the lemon juice. When the muffins are done, remove from the oven, then brush with the sugar and lemon mixture while they are still hot. Gently loosen the edges of each muffin with a knife, then leave in the tin for 15 mins to cool a little as they're very delicate while hot. Remove to a wire rack. Best eaten the day of making, but will keep for up to 2 days.

Nutrition Per serving
206 kcalories, protein 5g, carbohydrate 36g, fat 6 g, saturated fat 1g, fibre 2g, sugar 16g, salt 0.43 g

Recipe from Good Food magazine, March 2010.

If anyone else knows any other easy, healthy breakfast recipes I'd really appreciate it - I need to jazz up my breakie! savoury ideas more than welcome - prefer this to sweet really.. it isn't just me is it - breakfast is a tough one to be creative with!



as always it comes by way to quickly! how was your weekend?

we had a good one - pub & homemade burgers on Friday / cleaning, shopping and a birthday tea on Saturday / 11 mile woodland off road bike ride on Sunday - this is the first time this year and nearly killed the boy and I.. as always I got the giggles when I got silly tired but we made it.. I'm just struggling sitting down today!

another crazy week lined up - but we have a really special weekend with friends to look forward too..



well woosh - another week has flown by.

am pleased the blue sky's come back.. hopefully it will be around for this weekend as I'm dying to get some photos of the coast taken.. who knows. Have quite a lot of work to do this weekend which is dull but necessary.. have also got to start making plans for the boys big 30.. exciting times!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up too..

theses photos were taken last saturday on Brancaster beach.. I was very hung over so didn't take my proper camera - which I'm gutted about! Hey ho.. always a next time and am planning on behaving myself this friday night so I can enjoy the whole of the weekend..



Wanted to play with my camera the other day so stuck David up on a table so he couldn't run away and got a few photos of him.. how cute is my little boy.. he was doing his best in ignoring me - as he always does if I have a camera! He's not a fan of his photo being taken!

Have been finding some amazing locations for portraits recently so am itching to take photos of people! It's amazing how you look at things differently..

Hope your weeks going well.



How are we all..?

Things are really good with me.. Crazy but great. I've been helping the boy get back on top of things for our company. Since the launch of our website we've got loads of new and REALLY exciting enquiries - so I've been working hard with him trying to get caught up with our current projects - which I'm pleased to say we've almost done. This means I can now start thinking about my blogs and photography again! few..

I am honestly feeling like the luckiest ducky right now - the response to me going professional has been amazing. I can't wait to get stuck in and start showing you all the results! I've hoping to get another wedding up on my blog at some point this week.. hopefully tomorrow! But knowing me it will more likely be Wednesday... I will do it this week!

I'm also about the hit the 300 follower mark! Crazy days! Thanks so much everyone for coming here I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all and your amazing comments - I promise they'll be more life on here soon.. I always hate February and never having anything to say and now it's March I no longer have an excuse! Bring on the Blossom!