Wanted to play with my camera the other day so stuck David up on a table so he couldn't run away and got a few photos of him.. how cute is my little boy.. he was doing his best in ignoring me - as he always does if I have a camera! He's not a fan of his photo being taken!

Have been finding some amazing locations for portraits recently so am itching to take photos of people! It's amazing how you look at things differently..

Hope your weeks going well.


  1. For some reason, Dave in these pictures reminds me of a young Stanley Baxter. Must be the nostrils! Both Dave and Stanley have such big personalities too of course.

  2. God, I love that first pic... he looks like such a dignified gentleman of a dog! (And I want to hug him!!)

  3. he's always had the old man look going on - even when he was a puppy..

  4. ohmygod, LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE! I love him!

    The odd thing is, I have a greyhound - which is about as far removed as you can get, dog-wise - but that top picture especially really reminds me of her. Something about the expressive eyes - he almost looks like he has a little worried face on him. Adorbz.

    1. Kirsty Dave's a hound so does have similar features - mainly big lost eyes and a long nose.. he's just a hairy one! Oli and I love greyhounds - so beautiful!

  5. I think I could actually eat Dave right up. He's *gorgeous*.

    My Prudence also hates the camera so all I get if I try to snap is evil side eye and /or departing view. Dave is working it!

  6. How gorgeous! I love how his character shines through. Dachshunds have always been top of my pet wishlist!

  7. I better not let my dog Muffy see David ~ she's got her boyfriend Zac staying with us at the moment but she'd swoon at your handsome chap!
    I think he knows what a cool dude he is and that's why he doesn't need picture proof. ^..^
    Have a great weekend :D

  8. He makes me laugh! Just love his look, his shyness... Special ill man.