How are we all..?

Things are really good with me.. Crazy but great. I've been helping the boy get back on top of things for our company. Since the launch of our website we've got loads of new and REALLY exciting enquiries - so I've been working hard with him trying to get caught up with our current projects - which I'm pleased to say we've almost done. This means I can now start thinking about my blogs and photography again! few..

I am honestly feeling like the luckiest ducky right now - the response to me going professional has been amazing. I can't wait to get stuck in and start showing you all the results! I've hoping to get another wedding up on my blog at some point this week.. hopefully tomorrow! But knowing me it will more likely be Wednesday... I will do it this week!

I'm also about the hit the 300 follower mark! Crazy days! Thanks so much everyone for coming here I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all and your amazing comments - I promise they'll be more life on here soon.. I always hate February and never having anything to say and now it's March I no longer have an excuse! Bring on the Blossom!


  1. Yey! So glad things are going so well and that you're feeling so great about everything. Can't wait to see the next wedding. Xx

  2. All sounds good for you right now, which is brilliant.

    My daughter has just starting to plan her wedding, so we will be watching eagerly.
    I've just got to remember not to be interfering :(
    Oh my, that's going to be tough....wish me luck!

    Enjoy your success ~ it's well deserved :D

  3. Ooooh, excited to see this next wedding!:)