sunny days

well how beautiful is this weather - even though I've just been enjoying it by looking through the window blue sky and sunshine is a wonderful addition.. did get to spend a couple of minutes with this little man - who is growing up fast. the obsession with tractors is still ripe and as there were two parked outside the office yesterday he came running over to see them. I'm such a lucky auntie who gets to see her nieces and nephews daily.. and he's a lucky boy to get to spend so much time around tractors!

anyway not sure what's going to be happening for the rest of the week - Boy is turning 30 tomorrow so we are partying! Hopefully I'll catch up soon x


  1. I am loving the weather too--just hope it never ends.

  2. Great tractor pics - my little (well not so little any more) lad would love to get the chance to explore.

    Happy birthday to your boy and happy weekend and partying - mine turns 40 (cough, cough) something - on Monday!

    Nina x