happy easter

Hey - how was everyones Easter - been loving all the colourful Easter photos on blogs and instagram..

So my Eater was defiantly less eventful than last year - but I still had a good time! The boy, as always, was away so I was carless and dependant on others for entertainment. I was looked after by my lovely friend Sarah on Saturday - been taken to see friends in Holt and enjoy 1st birthday parties with Vintage Deli. Sunday I was enjoying the company of mum and dad and doing a little marsh hopping.. which dave struggled with due to his little legs.. And Monday - well my boy was back and we had a little day date doing a wee bit of shopping, eating and film watching in Norwich - so all in all a very good easter!

today I am exhausted - I seem to be having a mini breakdown at the moment.. hey ho I think it's all down to a bad nights sleep - too many things on my mind. Here's to a early night tonight and feeling better!


  1. i love these photos! The mini-breakdowns seem to be coming with the spring! Taking time to relax and stop thinking for a minute sometimes helps. Good luck either way!

  2. That last photo is brilliant lol. sounds like a perfect easter to me!