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So I saw someone wearing this dress at Chelsea Flower show and loved it.. I didn't dare ask her where it was from but as she was standing with the Orla Kiely shed it kinda gave me a clue. I wish I could afford it and wear it this weekend. Even though we're escaping village Jubilee festivities in Norfolk there's still a real buzz going around that it will be fun to get dressed up and enjoy it! I'm not sure if I'll get to go to a tea party or even if I'll wave a flag.. but I feel it's going to be a fun long weekend..


colour me happy

Helo - how are we all..? I had a lovely weekend.. I was lucky enough to photograph the most beautiful wedding on saturday - it was a beautiful hand crafted wedding which was right up my street. Miss Pickering did the bridal flowers and the rest was put together by the bride and her friends and family. The lovely lady responsible for all the yumminess on the above table picture is just starting up her company and has just started a blog which you can find here.

Miss Pickering has added some piccies of the flowers here - and I've uploaded a sneak preview of the bride and groom and their beautiful daughter on my blog which you can see here.

On sunday I spent my morning lying out in the garden relaxing and reading and then afternoon with friends having a few drinks and the pub followed by a very dull monaco GP and a delicious salad at ours. Summer days are good....



I thought I'd leave you with something that I am loving at the moment.. I'm getting lost in cows parsley and bluebells.. I forget every year how magical spring is and how much i adore the colour green!

Hope you all have special weekends planned - I'm off to another wedding followed by a day of relaxing on Sunday. Life is very special and beautiful.. x



I thought I'd share some pictures of us today with you.. This is what we look like in the evening - mainly just tired!

So even though I've been posting a few posts - I haven't really had time to be here recently. Life at the moment is busy - wonderful - but busy. When you run a company with each other it sometimes gets complicated. We've had so many wonderful projects to work on this year it really feels like our companies had to grow and change. This is as well as me starting up my own little photography business - so it's been tricky keeping up with it all and finding time for anything let alone us.

Last week was a challenge - the worst thing that can happen if your self employed is to get sick - and even worse us both getting sick! Even though we didn't take a day off you just can't work in the same way you normally do - my brain just wouldn't work - this means we've got behind on deadlines and last week was an essential week to catch up so therefor a very stressful week!

This year has really been a year where I've had to step up and start growing. Not only in photography but also in day to day life of our little company from the basics of working with clients and projects - pushing myself with graphic design and website design. Somedays I struggle other days I'm on cloud nine and feeling great. I'm really proud of the work I've been doing - but the amazing thing about this industry is that you can only keep on learning and getting better.

I know this is a random post - but today I'm feeling a bit reflective. If you are starting your own company or are already self employed - theses posts here are always a great read.. I think it's nice to know others are trying to find a balance and going through the same things as you...


Hope everyones having a good week - I wrote most of this on Monday which was a lot greyer and colder than it is now - am I the only one who's moods effected by the weather! But thought I should post it anyways... Off to celebrate the sunshine with a BBQ at a friends.. who else is doing the same!

Will be back tomorrow with some more of this... well if I have time!



So YAY I did it and it went well.. I feel like theses tulips today though - tired and a little less than my best! My fault for doing too much yesterday and eating too late which for some reason stopped me sleeping! I'm always rubbish on no sleep..

Hey ho.. Must get on... lots to do x


Wish me Luck

so BOOM - the time has come for my first wedding and eeeeee I am so excited! Feel like it's my own wedding day again - had a restless nights sleep last night and am worrying about what to wear! Have done my research and have a schedule for the day so I'm sure it will all go well..

I had the pleasure of photographing theses two last weekend - I had the best time with them at beautiful brancaster beach - here's a couple of snaps but more will follow! I left on such a high so I'm even more convinced this is what I was born to do - why it's taken me so long to get here I don't know..

Hope you all have a happy weekend and I'll let you know how it goes next week - eeeeekkkkkk


A day date

We had such a lovely day on saturday... a long drive, lots of fresh air and the most amazing lunch at the Tuddenham Mill. The meal was in celebration for being, knowing and loving one another for 9 years the day was just something we should do a little bit more.

I have to say the lunch at the Tuddenham Mill was one of the best we've eaten in a long time - fresh. modern and delicious. The setting was also beautiful and drinking Prosecco in the sunshine by a river was just amazing and at the moment in the UK a real novelty! Their rooms also look super cool even though I wasn't lucky enough to stay in one - hey ho maybe another day!


love is to share

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

The boy and I have known and been together for 9 years.
Love is to share, mine is for him.
Have a good weekend x


spring cakes..

Well buns to me! Made theses a while ago for a friends birthday and thought I'd share them with you. I love how you can make the easiest all in one sponge buns and then with a little fondant icing, colouring and some flower paste make some really pretty treats. I always make my roses and flowers in front of the tele the night before I need them so they've had a little time to dry & firm up. I also mix the colours myself as my mum has all the colours and kit in stock - but there are some lush ready mixed colours available.

I thought they were really pretty and yummy - hope you like them too.

ps how how how miserable is this weather - it's still raining.........


This Image

has been making me smile today.. I just love it and wish it was me standing there with the amazing flowers about to eat the incredible food with the really beautiful people!

You should totally click here to see more of the images from a Kinfolk brunch photographed by Dart Photographie.. I've also got lost looking through the rest of her blog as well.. beautiful..