A day date

We had such a lovely day on saturday... a long drive, lots of fresh air and the most amazing lunch at the Tuddenham Mill. The meal was in celebration for being, knowing and loving one another for 9 years the day was just something we should do a little bit more.

I have to say the lunch at the Tuddenham Mill was one of the best we've eaten in a long time - fresh. modern and delicious. The setting was also beautiful and drinking Prosecco in the sunshine by a river was just amazing and at the moment in the UK a real novelty! Their rooms also look super cool even though I wasn't lucky enough to stay in one - hey ho maybe another day!


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate. That's not too far from us - I'll have to show my D and drop a few hints!

  2. Such a beautiful location and a wonderful place to celebrate <3 xoxo