Wish me Luck

so BOOM - the time has come for my first wedding and eeeeee I am so excited! Feel like it's my own wedding day again - had a restless nights sleep last night and am worrying about what to wear! Have done my research and have a schedule for the day so I'm sure it will all go well..

I had the pleasure of photographing theses two last weekend - I had the best time with them at beautiful brancaster beach - here's a couple of snaps but more will follow! I left on such a high so I'm even more convinced this is what I was born to do - why it's taken me so long to get here I don't know..

Hope you all have a happy weekend and I'll let you know how it goes next week - eeeeekkkkkk


  1. How exciting! Hope all goes well, I'm sure it will. These pictures are beautiful.

  2. Good luck Tori - you'll do a lovely job I am sure x

  3. Great photos! Very photogenic couple! Good luck x

  4. Good Luck!! although it looks very promising for you and everybody involved so far : )