make it / lemon buns

So these are without question - the easiest, yummiest things to make. They also happen to be my boys favourite. For sponges I always use an all in one recipe - no sieving, just about measured and with proper butter if I have it or Oli's light lurpak if I don't!

Recipe: (found here)


3 lg eggs
175g butter
175g caster sugar
175g self raising flour
1tsp baking flour
zest of 2 lg lemons.


3/4 tbsp Icing sugar
1tsp (ish) lemon juice

Chuck all ingredients into a bowl and mix with whatever tool you use to mix stuff. I whizz for quite a while till it's pale, shinny and smooth. Then if making buns divide it into your bun cases and if making a cake pop into a lined cake tin.

Cook till golden on top and bouncy to touch. (20mins fan oven at 180)

Mix icing sugar and lemon juice till you have a glue like paste. Add more of each if needed.

Then done!

I decorated mine with thyme flowers which was really pretty - I might try adding a little thyme in the icing next time.. or maybe he sponge.. not sure though.. I then wrapped them up in napkins and fabric and took them round to a friends to enjoy.



Hey - sorry I've been away.. I've been lost in a world of weddings, work, editing and a lack of sleep! The only thing I seem to have time to do in my private life is to take photos on my iPhone and upload them to instagram! I am however thinking that by the end of this week I'll be a little more caught up - YAY!

The good news is that the boy looked over my shoulder when I was editing some photos today and kindly told me that I was getting good! - High praise indeed.. I really can't wait to show you what I've been up too.. eeeeee first wedding should be on the blog on Friday!!! A little nervous but must start getting my new work out there.

Till then enjoy some more of my iPhone pictures.. Anyone else loving VSCO cam. It's amazing!!! I'm also uploading a recipe tomorrow.. Lemon buns anyone?


Chloe Jones GFW Winner!

WOW we had the most amazing news last night.. after ignoring our house phone (we always do!) Oli's mobile quickly went off and his Mum had just heard that his little cousin Chloe had not only won best womanswear at Graduate Fashion Week but also won the prestigious George Gold prize! We were both overwhelmed and a little emotional for her.. well a lot emotional! Lat night I was re tweeting like crazy all the amazing comments and photos of her with her collection. It really couldn't of happened to a lovelier and more hard working person - something Oli and I weren't at Uni!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Chloe on the Jubilee weekend to photograph her now winning collection "Our Father who art in Heaven". She'd considered everything and found the best location to work with the collection. I'd had a disaster fashion shoot earlier this year so was a little nervous - but ended up having the best time. Chloe was a pro and new how she wanted the clothes to look and we both worked with the model and had a really good giggle. I've attached a few of my favourites above and have blogged more of the pictures over here on my photography blog. You can also see all images on my Facebook page.

Right back to wedding editing!


Where art thou Sun?

So this is what summer should be like - we've had one week of sunny days and we were all happy. Dave got to spend the days by his pipe, my nephew got to run around and my little niece got to wear sun dresses and a hat. Farm life as always is busy - this was a stolen 30 min tea break at the end of the day - we had a new lens to play with and just happened to stumble upon the rest of the family.

This week I have been wearing my winter clothes - I have ruined shoes due to the wettest weather and we have been enjoying the same balmy 12 degrees which we enjoyed on Christmas day this year. Today the sun shone - but it was still cold. Can someone please have a word and get summer back!


Jubilee weekend

Happy Jubilee everyone - hope you all had a good time. It was a really special long weekend and I really enjoyed all the coverage and festivities. I didn't wear red, white and blue and no flag waving for me but we did enjoy some amazing homemade coronation chicken - lush! Bath as always was beautiful even though it was a little grey and wet at time. Dave and I got soaked on a walk and had to make sure we got super clean when we got back as we were staying in the boys mums very stylish house.

I love the views around Bath - as a girl who's grown up in Norfolk where it's pretty flat - rolling green hills are a massive novelty.

Well best run - this is my one day in the office this week. I have an incredibly exciting 2 days in store and get to meet someone from Blog land which I'm stupidly excited about. Can't wait to tell you - for now must run!

Also hello to my new followers - I've been getting some lovely comments recently which just make my day - so thanks once again for being so dam lovely! x


Wellies Week/01

And it's been a good one! YAY..

The sun finally came out and even though it's now gone it again.. I still feel oh so much better for it. Here's my week and a bit - seems recently my life has been full of flowers - not complaining but this is just what my iPhone is telling me.

I am so excited about this weekend.. it feels like we're going on holiday.. I've worked SO hard today getting things done so I can really enjoy it with no guilt! It's meant a late night here but who cares - 4 days off!

woop woop - the boys just switched his computer off and I'm going to do the same.. Looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to on Instagram and until next week..