Jubilee weekend

Happy Jubilee everyone - hope you all had a good time. It was a really special long weekend and I really enjoyed all the coverage and festivities. I didn't wear red, white and blue and no flag waving for me but we did enjoy some amazing homemade coronation chicken - lush! Bath as always was beautiful even though it was a little grey and wet at time. Dave and I got soaked on a walk and had to make sure we got super clean when we got back as we were staying in the boys mums very stylish house.

I love the views around Bath - as a girl who's grown up in Norfolk where it's pretty flat - rolling green hills are a massive novelty.

Well best run - this is my one day in the office this week. I have an incredibly exciting 2 days in store and get to meet someone from Blog land which I'm stupidly excited about. Can't wait to tell you - for now must run!

Also hello to my new followers - I've been getting some lovely comments recently which just make my day - so thanks once again for being so dam lovely! x


  1. sweetness-well apart from the getting wet bit-but that can be fun too.
    feel missed out on all this britishness. i made crownes in school though...

  2. Oh how lovely. If you were to keep going along that train track to the right, you'd eventually end up in my little town. Ho hum. Can't wait to see what you've got in store this week. Xx

  3. Ooh, how exciting. Hope it goes well.

    I love Bath - my husband did his art foundation there so I spent many happy days wandering about, taking in the beautiful scenery.

  4. I love Bath too and wish we still lived there. There is no place quite like it and now I want to go and visit and maybe move there. sigh.

  5. the scenery is unreal! so magical.

  6. Such a lovely, lovely landscape. I want to be there, too!