make it / lemon buns

So these are without question - the easiest, yummiest things to make. They also happen to be my boys favourite. For sponges I always use an all in one recipe - no sieving, just about measured and with proper butter if I have it or Oli's light lurpak if I don't!

Recipe: (found here)


3 lg eggs
175g butter
175g caster sugar
175g self raising flour
1tsp baking flour
zest of 2 lg lemons.


3/4 tbsp Icing sugar
1tsp (ish) lemon juice

Chuck all ingredients into a bowl and mix with whatever tool you use to mix stuff. I whizz for quite a while till it's pale, shinny and smooth. Then if making buns divide it into your bun cases and if making a cake pop into a lined cake tin.

Cook till golden on top and bouncy to touch. (20mins fan oven at 180)

Mix icing sugar and lemon juice till you have a glue like paste. Add more of each if needed.

Then done!

I decorated mine with thyme flowers which was really pretty - I might try adding a little thyme in the icing next time.. or maybe he sponge.. not sure though.. I then wrapped them up in napkins and fabric and took them round to a friends to enjoy.


  1. Totally delicious looking - and what a great idea to lemon and thyme! I have loads of thyme in the garden at the moment so I might give these a go - although I am coeliac so can't eat gluten, but that's ok I'll swap the flour for gluten free flour. Ok, that's more than you needed to know, but you know, I've had too much coffee, clearly!

    1. nothing wrong with type talking.. They boy killed most of my thyme when he was on a weed killing spree.. it was only one I'd got from telco that had nearly dyed so I planted to see what would happen! Must get my herb garden sorted!

  2. They look so yummy... that's my sunday morning sorted, rather excited that I get to use my Birthday Pressie Dualit Whisk for the first time too x

  3. i love the idea of wrapping them up in a napkins--looks so pretty!

  4. These look lovely. Edible flowers are one of my very favourite things.

  5. oh my goodness. my mouth is watering!!!

  6. Hiya, just made these for my housemate's birthday tea tomorrow and had a cheeky taste (chef's perogative right?!) - they taste delicious! I added a sprinkle of blueberries onto the icing. They are now locked away in cake tins until tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe! x

    1. YAY - I'm so pleased you made them and they tasted good! I hope your housemate enjoyed them!

  7. These look absolutely delicious! I'm planning on baking a lemon drizzle cake tonight, but i'm tempted to do these. The thyme touch is something i'd never have thought of, and i love the little napkin packaging : )

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