Wellies Week/01

And it's been a good one! YAY..

The sun finally came out and even though it's now gone it again.. I still feel oh so much better for it. Here's my week and a bit - seems recently my life has been full of flowers - not complaining but this is just what my iPhone is telling me.

I am so excited about this weekend.. it feels like we're going on holiday.. I've worked SO hard today getting things done so I can really enjoy it with no guilt! It's meant a late night here but who cares - 4 days off!

woop woop - the boys just switched his computer off and I'm going to do the same.. Looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to on Instagram and until next week..


  1. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! X

  2. Wonderful, wonderful! Beautiful cow parsley and another lovely photo of you. Have a brilliant Jubilee weekend. Xxx

  3. I think my phone is telling me the same - but they do look so lovely all fluffy and bursting at the moment.

    Have a wonderful break and fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  4. Have a wonderful weekend you deserve it after all your hard work. Love the photo's you clever girl. Hope Dave isn't missing his pipe too much!

    Love you Mama XXX

  5. Beautiful photographs. Love your blog - I've just found you via your comment on littlegreenshed and will definitely be back again.