Where art thou Sun?

So this is what summer should be like - we've had one week of sunny days and we were all happy. Dave got to spend the days by his pipe, my nephew got to run around and my little niece got to wear sun dresses and a hat. Farm life as always is busy - this was a stolen 30 min tea break at the end of the day - we had a new lens to play with and just happened to stumble upon the rest of the family.

This week I have been wearing my winter clothes - I have ruined shoes due to the wettest weather and we have been enjoying the same balmy 12 degrees which we enjoyed on Christmas day this year. Today the sun shone - but it was still cold. Can someone please have a word and get summer back!


  1. i agree-i heading back to the uk soon for my 'summer' and i would like a little bit of sun-or dry days atleast!

  2. So happy to see some sun today. I pegged out washing and got Phiney's legs out. She rapidly growing out of loads of summer clothes. Really good, vintage summer clothes. It's killing me she hasn't worn much of it yet. So tights were bought and she's now rocking summer rompers with them.

    Beautiful pictures Tori. I'm seriously so excited about seeing the shots you get when we see you next month. Next month?! Yipee! xx

  3. I can't believe it's looking like another of *those* summers... What has happened to the weather these past few years? Endless rain. Sigh...

  4. Agreed. Moving on to warmer climates next week though, so that's keeping me going!

    Pictures are lovely. What lens did you get?

  5. I am right there with you.

    Why do I live in England again?