cotswold textures

Have had the most wonderful long weekend away. I always love being with Oli's family and getting to know them all that little bit better. We had BBQ's, Olympic openings, sunny walks, long lunches, cooked breakfasts, crazy teas, wet walks and a jamie pasta cook off.

I'd never been to the cotswolds before and just feel in love with the surroundings. All these photos were taken with my iPhone and edited using the VSCO cam whilst watching olympics over the weekend - I am addicted! I hope you like them x



So once again the week has gone by and I'm managed to massively fail on my to do list. This week we have worked and played so hard and with the amazing weather it's all been a little crazy!

I thought I'd leave you with something I am obsessed with at the moment - Roses. I just love them and can't stop photographing them. Anyone else?

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend - Who's excited about the Olympics? My mums been crying all day, every time they show footage of the bell ringing - so I think she's loving it. Anyway have a special one and see you next week.

Thanks to the amazing Miss Pickering for featuring Dani & Adams wedding (flowers) on her blog and for getting me the job! And also did you catch my first ever engagement shoot on my other blog..? I've got my next one to upload next week.



well finally I can leave home with my legs bare and without a cardi!

annoyingly we have loads to do this week so have to work therefor I can only enjoy a half hour lunch break lapping up every inch of the sun.. I love it - the smell the intense heat the sweat.. gutted that it's not going to stay - especially as we're away for the weekend but I'm still hopefully the forecasters are being negative and are wrong!

The boys just gone to go and get his hair cut so I thought I'd spend a quick 5 mins in the garden doing some iPhone photography courtesy of my poor neglected blog! the one of me was a mistake as I was trying to photograph a rose but the camera was the wrong way round - feeling vain today though so thought I'd role with it! all photos are of my mums garden #myhappyplace..

Hope everyone else is enjoying this as much as me.. x x


I'm Off!

Hey.. well weeks gone again - I've finished one wedding and half way through another.. Am now off to to Bath to photograph my 6th wedding and my first family which I am SO SO super excited about! I have been feeling a little under the weather for the last two weeks - but today I'm on top form and just really excited about everything - including the maybe arrival of summer... fingers crossed!

Next week is looking busy - 4 meetings, 3 dinners and a lot of work in between! It's gonna be good though!

I hope you like the photos - they're from the wedding I've been editing today! Such a seriously happy day and a beautiful couple! Can't wait to show you the rest! eeeeee


evening fields

so I'm a massive fan of dusk - you get the most beautiful light and at the moment the county air is so fresh and fragrant! Theses photos were taken at 10pm so way beyond dusk - or is that dusk? -  and to be honest it was almost pitch black but the new Markiii is amazing with the iso up high - ok the images is slightly grainy but I think it's romantic. I love when the colours when the corn starts to turn, golden mixed with greens.

last night I went for a beautiful evening walk with two couples + the boy a Dave - we took some pictures and got to watch the sun set on the beach then finished with fish and chips. I clearly need to start making more of these evenings - we spend too much time doing the same old routine. We're so lucky living in this beautiful country side - we really should be making the most of it - well more of it anyway! I've decided I need my life to be more Kinfolk - I need to be more creative with my evening meals and where I eat them. Have you seen the new video it's done by the amazingly inspiring couple Andrew and Carissa and is so beautiful it makes me want to cry a little. Can't wait for my copy to arrive!

Hope you all have a magical weekend.. I'm off to a wedding as a guest which is exciting. I have lots to catch up on next week including my iPhone snaps from my weekend in London. Have a good one and lets hope the sun shines a little for us all.



So Happy 4th of July to all my over the pond readers! For us we get to celebrate too - it was the day Oli and I got keys to out home 4 years ago. Even though we've still got big plans for our little home it really is the most special thing having our own house and it's something I'm thankful for every day. Dave loves it too!


I really should

I really need to take this advise... I am the worst at writing letters! I think I hate it so much because of my dyslexia. I spend my whole time asking the boy how do you spell this and get so frustrated with myself when I get things wrong and make silly mistakes. This is no excuse - who doesn't love a letter. But since the world of emails and doing EVERYTHING on a computer I've really sacrificed my handwriting.

Now I was someone who would spend hours practicing writing at school, My friends had such beautiful writing and I always wanted mine to look more like theirs. To be honest I think they could of done the same thing as we've all ended up with a mix match of each others! But since sending off my little photo packages I've found myself writing a lot more. I brought myself a fancy pen last week and have been trying to play around a little with calligraphy because of this amazing package I got from one of my brides. Its going ok but I did a little too much as I got told off by the boy for not working and so far when I've put into practice it still looks a little crappy!

Am I the only one - does any of us write anymore? Anyway how beautiful is this print! This lady's work is amazing and so beautiful. I really do want to do more things physically and not just rely of my trusty fonts - but most of all I must write more handwritten letters!

Image © mary kate mc devitt


A Wedding

Hey peeps - just a quick post to say that I've uploaded my first wedding to the blog and it's epic. I know a few people have already taken a look and left some lovely comments but just incase you haven't seen please go take a look. I've also uploaded the images to a Facebook gallery - so to see a few more images please go visit my page here.

Had an epic wedding on Saturday and now have a couple of weeks off which is exciting!  I can get on and caught with some editing before I have more engagements, weddings and a very exciting family session to go play on! I also am going to get to see friends who have been very neglected as I've been so busy.. Can't wait to drink coffee, bubbles and catch up.

Hope you had a lovely weekend x