well finally I can leave home with my legs bare and without a cardi!

annoyingly we have loads to do this week so have to work therefor I can only enjoy a half hour lunch break lapping up every inch of the sun.. I love it - the smell the intense heat the sweat.. gutted that it's not going to stay - especially as we're away for the weekend but I'm still hopefully the forecasters are being negative and are wrong!

The boys just gone to go and get his hair cut so I thought I'd spend a quick 5 mins in the garden doing some iPhone photography courtesy of my poor neglected blog! the one of me was a mistake as I was trying to photograph a rose but the camera was the wrong way round - feeling vain today though so thought I'd role with it! all photos are of my mums garden #myhappyplace..

Hope everyone else is enjoying this as much as me.. x x


  1. i hope they are wrong too, it must continue :)

  2. Here we are taking the coat and the wellies... Hope you enjoy the sun :)