So Happy 4th of July to all my over the pond readers! For us we get to celebrate too - it was the day Oli and I got keys to out home 4 years ago. Even though we've still got big plans for our little home it really is the most special thing having our own house and it's something I'm thankful for every day. Dave loves it too!


  1. Ah you're so lucky to own your own home! my biggest dream :)
    Congrats! And look at Dave looking through the window - his little face!

  2. i can't wait to own a house so i can paint it whatever colour i want and make lasting changes.

    and dave gets me every time--lok at that face!

  3. oh my, isn't having your own space the most wonderful! glad you had a lovely 4th. :)

  4. haha such a cute picture. Made me chuckle! Hope you had a lovely 4th x