I really should

I really need to take this advise... I am the worst at writing letters! I think I hate it so much because of my dyslexia. I spend my whole time asking the boy how do you spell this and get so frustrated with myself when I get things wrong and make silly mistakes. This is no excuse - who doesn't love a letter. But since the world of emails and doing EVERYTHING on a computer I've really sacrificed my handwriting.

Now I was someone who would spend hours practicing writing at school, My friends had such beautiful writing and I always wanted mine to look more like theirs. To be honest I think they could of done the same thing as we've all ended up with a mix match of each others! But since sending off my little photo packages I've found myself writing a lot more. I brought myself a fancy pen last week and have been trying to play around a little with calligraphy because of this amazing package I got from one of my brides. Its going ok but I did a little too much as I got told off by the boy for not working and so far when I've put into practice it still looks a little crappy!

Am I the only one - does any of us write anymore? Anyway how beautiful is this print! This lady's work is amazing and so beautiful. I really do want to do more things physically and not just rely of my trusty fonts - but most of all I must write more handwritten letters!

Image © mary kate mc devitt


  1. I agree- pen and paper is great, but easy to swap in favour of a quick email.
    (I rambled on about it here.. http://bit.ly/KQJIzw)
    Handwritten parcels are so much fun to receive. My friend calls it 'love by post'
    Good luck with calligraphy- a fancy pen is a worthy incentive. Hope we get to see some of your writing here!

  2. I try and write the odd postcard every now and then, but I'm not sending as many as I used to. My handwriting's getting terrible too, it's fine writing a list but when it comes to a postcard or something to someone it goes all squiffy!

  3. i try and write notes, letters and cards and send them to my friends because i like doing it and also i think it is really nice to get something in the post, and you never know maybe i will get a few back :)

  4. I agree! And I also wish my handwriting wasn't so awful...I'm a lefty though so that's my feeble excuse haha! xxx

  5. Have you ever been to a Bloomsbury store? They have lovely hand-written calligraphy labels on their product. I saw one of the managers writing them and he said it was quite easy and to buy an dipping pen similar to the one in your photograph. I rushed off and bought one with black and white ink thinking I could do lovely white ink on black envelopes. Anyway, it was HARD! I ended up with inky fingers! I'm still determined to master it one day though so I can write my own wedding invites!

    1. good plan! I want and got a pen set that works like a fountain pen - I do want the white ink though! I've been writing the owl and the pussy cat practising - the only pose I know off by heart! It's fun and my writings already looking a lot better!

      Also great idea out your invites! crafty weddings are the best!

  6. I love hand written notes and cards. I don't think you can beat it. And I can understand your frustration because of your dyslexia, but don't let it stop you. If you're doing it for enjoyment (rather than, say, for work) maybe start by just enjoying the act of writing - putting pen to paper, without worrying about spelling etc. for now and then as you get better at it, ask the boy for a few spell checks if you need to ;) Just an idea! x

  7. No you're not alone, I definitely prefer handwritten letters, but haven't done that since 2006! I received a lovely letter from a very good friend in the New Year. It really is a special feeling knowing someone has sat down and taken the time to write their news to you, especially as email/text/Whatsapp are now with us! Good luck with the calligraphy, and thanks for the inspiration! I'm now going to look at cards online and maybe purchase something!

  8. I'm in love with handwritten letters. I've rediscovered them in the past year and while it takes me FOREVER to write a letter, I still enjoy both the sending and the receiving.

  9. I love it when a handwritten note drops onto the door mat. I made sure I send a handwritten thank you note to everyone who bought our little girl a present when she was born