So once again the week has gone by and I'm managed to massively fail on my to do list. This week we have worked and played so hard and with the amazing weather it's all been a little crazy!

I thought I'd leave you with something I am obsessed with at the moment - Roses. I just love them and can't stop photographing them. Anyone else?

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend - Who's excited about the Olympics? My mums been crying all day, every time they show footage of the bell ringing - so I think she's loving it. Anyway have a special one and see you next week.

Thanks to the amazing Miss Pickering for featuring Dani & Adams wedding (flowers) on her blog and for getting me the job! And also did you catch my first ever engagement shoot on my other blog..? I've got my next one to upload next week.


  1. I am with your Mum on the crying. Especially some of the particularly poignant torch bearers. I've had tissues out every night this week.

  2. Beautiful shot of the rose - loving your photography, and off to explore more now! Delighted to have found your blog.
    Paula x
    p.s. Yes, like you Mum I got very emotional at the opening ceremony - my favourite bit was when the multitude of Mary Poppins' floated down to the hospital beds - magical!

  3. So in love with roses, I have ten different types in my garden. Late May is the best time to see mine all in bloom, some are still flowering now but the rest seem a little gloomy now.