popping in...

Just quickly popping in - things are crazy at the moment. Still struggling with that balance of work, new photography business and life.. Hey ho I'm sure I'll get there and new beginnings are always a little crazy.

Just thought I'd let you know I've featured another wedding on my other blog - have lots more to go which I'm hoping to get on top of next week. Just finishing editing another wedding now before 2 more this weekend! eeeeeeekkkkkk!

Also one of my piccies was featured over here on The Simple Things in their wordless wednesday feature. Also just found out they're about to launch a very exciting new magazine - find out more here!

Must run - Hope everyones's good and back soon - promise x


celebrating 2 years

For us anniversaries mean good food! Last year we were here and enjoyed a banquet this year we were closer to home and treated ourselves to a date night at Strattons - somewhere we've been wanting to try for ages - and it was really good. The place was beautiful and the food and wine delicious.

I wore my wedding dress (leaving dress) and we talked a lot about what we've done with the last 2 years and what we look forward to and want out of the next five. I love this boy, a lot. I'm so thankful for his support and love and that he's the one i get to spend forever with. Here's to the next year... and all the years after that.


2 years on

I can't believe two years have gone by. Today I am holding tight onto my boy and remembering the best day of my life.

These photos were taken by my mum and dads - well ours as well - special friend. At the time none of us knew what would happen to this amazing man. At the time it was all just joy and happiness. Life can be cruel - but when it's this beautiful it makes living so much more special.


late night stroll

Put these two on my blog yesterday. I did a fun shoot with them and their friends at Holkham.. their wedding is this weekend and we bumped into them on an evening walk last night through our village. Theses balmy evenings are perfect for late night walks.. me, my boy some hand holding and talking. Dave was being particularly vile to a, as far as I could tell, perfectly nice black lab - but Dave seemed to think other wise! He is turning so grumpy in his old age - especially to big dogs - think he might have little man syndrome! But it's nice getting some fresh air and breathing space just the 3 of us.

Have a thank you to write to a certain little Man - but more on that another day! Hope you're all good x


life through a lens

Well I am an emotional wreck! Can't get enough of the olympics - every time I here the crowd roar I seem to well up let alone seeing these amazing athletes do so well and hear how much it means to them.  I think it's just been incredible.

Life's throwing lots of twists and turns at the moment some insanely happy and some which are just heart breaking. I'm fine and working hard - but I think the next few weeks is going to be tough. So please bare with me.

For now here is my life through our new 40mm lens - it's not the 35mm dream yet but it's a step closer and it's a cute lens.