celebrating 2 years

For us anniversaries mean good food! Last year we were here and enjoyed a banquet this year we were closer to home and treated ourselves to a date night at Strattons - somewhere we've been wanting to try for ages - and it was really good. The place was beautiful and the food and wine delicious.

I wore my wedding dress (leaving dress) and we talked a lot about what we've done with the last 2 years and what we look forward to and want out of the next five. I love this boy, a lot. I'm so thankful for his support and love and that he's the one i get to spend forever with. Here's to the next year... and all the years after that.


  1. My goodness, I'm so happy you found my blog, so that I could find yours! ps. your wedding was stunning x

  2. Sigh... super, tasty, sticky, stylish L♥VE ... sigh ....