so much to do...

so I thought I'd just post a picture a of a pig.. these pigs are naughty. I was trying to do some work in the field and they wouldn't let me in/leave me alone.. I guess it's their field but still very annoying!

Life on a farm can sometimes be very interesting.. anyway must get on! Photos to edit, bathroom to build and cakes to make.....


please come...

My Mum, sister in law and I are hosting a Macmillan coffee morning and I just wanted to invite anyone who happens to be a local reader (near Kings Lynn, Norfolk). They'll be a lot of cake, a raffle with some amazing prizes and a bring and buy. There's loads of these going on so if you can't make ours why not try and go to another one local.

I'm so excited about it and spend all my evenings wondering what to make! The bake off's not helping as I'm now have a constant desire to learn more and become an amazing baker... First of all need to practice pastry and bread making but I won't be doing that for this! Think I'll be inspired by ottolenghi and turn mums kitchen into an amazing deli of deliciousness! Well at least try!

So PLEASE if you're free and can come on the 28th September please do! Just drop me an email and I can send you the address and details. If you're also feeling generous and have anything nice to offer for our raffle it would be greatly appreciated! I'm offering a local family or couple photo shoot - and my mum an amazing Christmas cake!



Home Improvements

So people very exciting news - well for me anyway! - We are FINALLY sorting out our bathroom! For the past four years the bathroom has been a sore point in our relationship. As soon as we moved into our little OAP bungalow the bathroom was in need of a much needed make over. The tiles and glass are the wrong kind of patterned and textured and floor is a 80's vinyl classic mock marble look in pale blue. nice!

The only problem was that I wanted to get it done quick and cheap - just add new tiles, floor, lick of paint - and the boy wanted to go all out and get new everything. As always he won and the time has finally come when we can afford this new home improvement. Due to it's neglect it's actually caused a whole heap of other issue - damp, leaking, our tap hasn't worked for years and our tiles are so old and cracked we just can't use our shower. For the past 2 weeks we have been having our daily showers either kneeling or lying down in the bath - just to dry out our walls enough to get the work done - not fun!

But this week our bathroom arrives - next week the skip and a friend come and then boom the boy + friend + me (not so much!) will make us a new bathroom! I just need to pick the colours - thinking dark charcoal and white with nice wooden details. eeeeee it is just WAY to exciting!

All photos are from here - The Style Files - my first blog crush before I even knew what a blog was!


Happy Families..

I have finally broken my blogging slump with my first ever family session over on the blog.

It's of beautiful Nell and her amazing family. If you're a blogger and not discovered the wonderful musing of Nell and her family of three then you've been missing out. I discovered her through her gorgeous knitted wears Happy Circus and since then have been such a fan of hers. We'd become blogging/instagram friends but had never met in the big wide world so I was a little nervous but mainly just excited. I felt immediately at ease with them and just loved their home and amazing personalities. Josephine is the most beautiful little girl and Nell and Ben infectiously in love.

I'm not good with words so I'm hoping the pictures do the talking. Please go visit my other blog to see a lot more from this shoot. And thanks so much Nell for the lovely things you said here - it honestly means so so much. x x x


two years on... portrait

running so behind over here - life has been pretty up and down recently. I got myself a little tired and stressed - but a few days away with family in Bath have restored me back to life.

This week is going to be a little crazy but hopefully there will be some blogging along the way.

This is our yearly portrait (you can see the first year here and second here). We were both a little tired and sad when this was taken but I guess thats just how we were on the day.. I love this tradition and can't wait till it's 10 years down the line! I also love this outtake the boy was being attacked by a bug that wouldn't leave him alone! I also find it very hard not to giggle under pressure!

Anyway I just wanted to get this out of the way so I'm a little more up to date! Promise no more anniversary posts!