SO we have been struck down with a big bad bug.. first time both of us have ever been sick and off work and a serious pain as I'm now even more behind than I was before! I did however find a little time to finally blog a wedding.. I had so much trouble picking which images too use I thought I'd add a few I didn't use here and loads more on my blog over here.. I hope you like them - it was such a magical wedding. How cute are they practising their first dance..

Got a wedding tomorrow which I am so excited about - so will be tucking myself up early for bed - as I've been sick since monday I must be on the mend now! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Wow what a beautiful wedding, captured so well. Hope a good nights sleep does you the world of good :)

  2. i like these a lot. a receptions under a big teepee is quite unique and pretty cool.
    enjoy your weekend.


  3. such a gorgeous wedding, and your photos are stunning!
    hope you're on the mend soon!

  4. Wow, these are the most beautiful, romantic wedding shots I have ever seen. Stunning subjects but you have captured something very very special. Congrats.

  5. I really love your photographs, what a talent you have! I'm not even engaged and already wanting you as my wedding photographer (bit weird?). Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :)