life recently

Well it's official - you are all amazing and made me feel so much better. The comments from this post meant so much to me. thank you!

This week has been a better one. ticking things off the list slowly, trying to get better at managing my work load between the two companies. Lists and communication is key.. would help if we weren't so busy doing the bathroom in the evening but as it's all for the greater good and I really haven't had to do that much can't complain. so updates:

Coffee morning// went really well - raised over £600 which is pretty good going. My efforts were poor though as I has a baking disaster.. Mum made enough for everyone so that was a relief! I took no photos as was busy with coffee making but there were some delicious treats.

Bathroom// going well - the boy has been building it with his bare hands every evening for the past two weeks. The beautiful tiles have gone and the bath is plumbed in and new taps working. Just been trying to do the cosmetics this week - picking flooring, tiles, prepping walls and painting. Bit fed up with cleaning myself in a building site but am enjoying baths in the morning - something I'd never thought I'd say!

Mixed with work and building bathrooms - we had an amazing weekend last weekend. Got to see and hang with very special friends. My two uni girls, one who now lives in New York and one in Paris and the boys best boy. The boy and I got asked to be very special people at a very exciting wedding and after 10 years of friendship I love how easy it is to all hang out together. Something we haven't done since our wedding. Also went wedding dress shopping which was so much fun and reviewed the dresses with cake and tea!

So life is pretty dam good! Hope your's is too x


  1. really love these photos of your life; odds and ends and such. it sounds like you guys are so busy doing fun things!

  2. Lovely pictures, all sounds very exciting :)