i'm back!

From paris - and we had the best time!

Lot's of (iPhone) photos to go through and share.. I've been posting a few to Instagram but I'll be adding them on here and what we got up too.. As always coming back is manic and didn't help that we HAD to catch up with the last F1 race when we got home (rolls eye at result).. which resulted in a late, late night.. eyes being held open with match sticks today and legs still punishing me from all the pavement pounding! Lack of Dave walking a general business, bathroom building, sickness + stupid early evenings paying a price!

Early night tonight but first food shopping - we're off to check out our brand new massive Sainsbury's which open whilst we were away... such excitement for us country folk.. (rolls eye at myself)..

be back soon x


life recently


I've just had a tummy sinking moment - it's nearly frickin December....

am not going to panic.. just going to start making some serious lists as to what I need to do, finish, get, wrap and decorate! and to top it all off it means 2012 is nearly over - we soon will be in 2013.. I'll be turning 30 and life will continue to wiz by..

in the here and now life's been good. we've had some beautiful days.. Dave's a million times better and after some serious after work hours on the bathroom it is almost finished.. turns out the boy is the slowest tiler even though he thinks tiling's just slow.. I wasn't allowed to tile my job was to pass the tiles and spacers to him - which took around 3 nights in total and was a little bit dull. The grouting I had a little bit more of a role in and we decided to just get it done so stayed up till 4 in the morning - which I really enjoyed and it was the best feeling in the world knowing that the decorating was D O N E.

I'm not going to lie I hated doing it - I'm pleased we've saved money and done it ourselves - and also the sense of achievement is massive.. especially for the boy as he's done it all himself - plumbing, building, tiling and grouting - but it's been tough doing it all not having a bathroom and working really hard every evening trying to do it when business is busy busy.. but as always once it's finished none of that matters any more.. Oli's just doing the finishing touches - he has to fit the shower and make the bath panels but we now have a working bath, loo and sink - AMAZBALLS.

Am off to Paris this weekend for a well needed break - I can't wait! First holiday for 2012 and some much needed husband and wife time... right now must run and start ticking things off my list!


make it: Late night Apple Sponge

We're not pudding people.. we eat dinner then might enjoy a piece of chocolate with tea before bed.. Last night however we needed PUD!

This time of year is amazing.. We inherited with our house a cooking apple tree that produces the best fruit each year.. therefor my apple based puddings are seriously up to scratch.. we love crumple, strudel and pie - but the boys favourite is apple sponge..

So last night I made this for us: Late night Apple Sponge for 2

2 x Apples peeled, cored + cubed
a little butter
splash of water (roughly 2 x tablespoons)
1 x flat tablespoon of caster sugar
1/2 tea spoon of cinnamon
a little lemon juice
and a star anise.. if you like it!

melt butter then mix all together and cook over a medium heat for 10-15 mins till most of the cubes are broken up. Add a little extra water if looking too dry.

All in one Sponge - for 2..
1 x egg - weigh this and it will give you the weight for the rest of the ingredients - same if you were using 2/3 eggs.. mine came in at 58g
58g caster sugar
58g flour (I used plain with a little baking powder 1/2 teaspoon)
58g butter
lemon zest

wiz till pale and fully mixed.

I then just poured it onto the apples rustic style - I used the milk pan I cooked the apples in - I normally decant into a pretty cook dish if serving to friends!

Cook 180 for 15/20 mins until cake is slightly golden and the mix comes out clean if you stick a knife in sponge..

serve with ice cream, custard or cream.


on a Bathroom update: So close now!!! We've worked SO hard this week - Tiles are laid and floor is down.. Grouting tonight and then finishing touches over the weekend - the boy has a plan to make the bath panels so I'm not sure when these will get done.. but hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be able to shower again YAY!


Season one..

It's almost over - I can't believe it! I've nearly finished my first season as a wedding photographer. I shot my second to last wedding last Friday and now have my weekends back again. I may of celebrated a bit to hard on Saturday night at a very fun bonfire party.. but a sunday on the sofa catching up with TV, enjoying Formula one and a roast chick-nic was exactly what I needed and therefor having a headache didn't hinder anything. Also how good was the end of Downton.. why can it not go on and on and on? Loving lady Ediths style this season!

So as I mentioned in my last post things got very stressful last week as poor Dave suddenly couldn't walk and was screaming out in pain if we touched him or he moved. After a visit to the vet we were told that he's done some damage to his back disc and has to have 6 weeks of bed rest.. It luckily hand't gone to the point of an operation but that is still a risk. After a couple of strong pain killers he is now fine - annoyingly too well as stopping him running, jumping and leaping is now our main concern.. sometimes I wish he'd understand us but as he doesn't we're having to be very vigilant and may have to resort to looking him up so he can't move.. But at least he;s back to his old self.. was horrid seeing him in so much pain.

So I've added a bit of what I've been up to this summer on my blog - these weddings will be featured soon and I can't wait to show you! Through the haziness of busyness I am starting to feel proud of myself and my work.. even though I still have so much more to learn! Also trying to keep my facebook page busy - and almost at 100 followers! eeeee


happy Movember!

Who has some hairy boys living with them..? Oli was thinking about it but as he sports facial hair most of the time and he wasn't sure how he'd raise money he decided against it.

I did spy theses on Facebook though from my friends AMAZING website Two Red Trees has these incredibly cute earrings by MissJewellery selling so us girls can get involved.. To support Movember Two Red Trees is giving £1 to charity for every pair of these wonderful moustache earrings sold. Annoyingly I don't wear earrings but I know for a lot of you they'll be right up your street.

Am busy designing new season products for Gone Crabbing so must run - but I'll be back with an update soon.. There's been dramas involving Dave but more on that later..