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I've just had a tummy sinking moment - it's nearly frickin December....

am not going to panic.. just going to start making some serious lists as to what I need to do, finish, get, wrap and decorate! and to top it all off it means 2012 is nearly over - we soon will be in 2013.. I'll be turning 30 and life will continue to wiz by..

in the here and now life's been good. we've had some beautiful days.. Dave's a million times better and after some serious after work hours on the bathroom it is almost finished.. turns out the boy is the slowest tiler even though he thinks tiling's just slow.. I wasn't allowed to tile my job was to pass the tiles and spacers to him - which took around 3 nights in total and was a little bit dull. The grouting I had a little bit more of a role in and we decided to just get it done so stayed up till 4 in the morning - which I really enjoyed and it was the best feeling in the world knowing that the decorating was D O N E.

I'm not going to lie I hated doing it - I'm pleased we've saved money and done it ourselves - and also the sense of achievement is massive.. especially for the boy as he's done it all himself - plumbing, building, tiling and grouting - but it's been tough doing it all not having a bathroom and working really hard every evening trying to do it when business is busy busy.. but as always once it's finished none of that matters any more.. Oli's just doing the finishing touches - he has to fit the shower and make the bath panels but we now have a working bath, loo and sink - AMAZBALLS.

Am off to Paris this weekend for a well needed break - I can't wait! First holiday for 2012 and some much needed husband and wife time... right now must run and start ticking things off my list!


  1. Your tiling looks brilliant, we did our bathroom makeover ourselves last year to save money, and you're right, it is so stressful but a huge sense of achievement. Your tiling looks a lot more professional than ours I think! Well done!

  2. Oh my god! Go and have an AMAZING time in Paris, I am hugely Jealous!! Please take lots of photos and instagrams to report back, of course you will im sure. Love to hear that Dave is on the mend... I am an Osteopath for humans... not canines I am afraid I wanted to share some advice but my training does not extend to animals! Unless Dave often does lots of deskwork and heavy lifting?? Probably not. Anyway, reward yourselves with lots of lovely things in Paris, you guys deserve it. Barberella xxx

  3. I cannot believe it's almost December either, crazy days! I always hate doing DIY chores around the house but you're right, the sense of achievement when it's all done and actually looks lovely, is more than worth all the effort! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. Have a brilliant time in Paris! It sounds as though you both need the break, and what a lovely place to spend it in. Glad Dave is on the mend too x

  5. That is a good feeling!

    How was/is Paris?