make it: Late night Apple Sponge

We're not pudding people.. we eat dinner then might enjoy a piece of chocolate with tea before bed.. Last night however we needed PUD!

This time of year is amazing.. We inherited with our house a cooking apple tree that produces the best fruit each year.. therefor my apple based puddings are seriously up to scratch.. we love crumple, strudel and pie - but the boys favourite is apple sponge..

So last night I made this for us: Late night Apple Sponge for 2

2 x Apples peeled, cored + cubed
a little butter
splash of water (roughly 2 x tablespoons)
1 x flat tablespoon of caster sugar
1/2 tea spoon of cinnamon
a little lemon juice
and a star anise.. if you like it!

melt butter then mix all together and cook over a medium heat for 10-15 mins till most of the cubes are broken up. Add a little extra water if looking too dry.

All in one Sponge - for 2..
1 x egg - weigh this and it will give you the weight for the rest of the ingredients - same if you were using 2/3 eggs.. mine came in at 58g
58g caster sugar
58g flour (I used plain with a little baking powder 1/2 teaspoon)
58g butter
lemon zest

wiz till pale and fully mixed.

I then just poured it onto the apples rustic style - I used the milk pan I cooked the apples in - I normally decant into a pretty cook dish if serving to friends!

Cook 180 for 15/20 mins until cake is slightly golden and the mix comes out clean if you stick a knife in sponge..

serve with ice cream, custard or cream.


on a Bathroom update: So close now!!! We've worked SO hard this week - Tiles are laid and floor is down.. Grouting tonight and then finishing touches over the weekend - the boy has a plan to make the bath panels so I'm not sure when these will get done.. but hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be able to shower again YAY!


  1. Yummy! That looks just sooo tasty.

  2. A yummy pudding for two! Im going to try this at the weekend! x

  3. oh yum, I'm going to give that a go!