no mojo?

So I'm still looking for it - my Christmas Mojo..

Has anyone else found theres yet? I got a little taster of it at the weekend.. We had a lovely day shopping and seeing friends in London - even though the cost of Christmas is a hard one to swallow! I do like the gift buying and it was so nice to walk round real beautiful shops and drink coffee, instead of just getting lost and confused on the internet! On Sunday we finally got our tree and decorated it YAY! It's not the best shaped tree we've ever got but as it was pissing it down with rain whilst we picked it suddenly we were both a little less fussy! Christmas mojo did increase tenfold when we went and sang Carols by candle light on Sunday night. The church was so magical and we got to sing loads and all the good ones - I love a good sing a long and don't hold back which I think is a little embarrassing for the boy! Hey ho.. should have worn uggs though as it was SO cold - they did serve us amazing mulled wine and a warm mince pie afterwards though which was a big bonus.. I don't think either have ever tasted better - must of been the setting that made then all the more delicious.

As always though walking into the office and manically ticking things off my list have taken all the fun away again - But I'm sure it will swiftly come back as soon as the weekend hit! Can't believe the big day and a well needed break is soon here.. eeeeee

photo from my instagram..


stepped out of the house this morning to a winter wonderland.. arrived at work and as always the farm was even more magical. Dave and I went for a little wonder and I snapped a few details and he skipped about trying to avoid too much of the mud and frost. Our toes are still dethawing..



Well - it is frickin freezing.. Autum has now been blown away and replaced by white frost and a dusting of snow.. well not today - we have gales, rain and this horrid darkness that makes you wish you hadn't bothered getting out of bed! but at least there's been touches of pretty winter and not just nastiness - hey ho..

So another weeks gone and I still haven't found the time to write a Paris post.. Sorry.. I'm manically trying to get everything done and dusted before the dreaded C bomb and in the evenings I'm being ridiculously lazy - snuggling under blankets and drinking lots of tea.. and just relaxing. Will get my blogging back on track asap - promise!

Can't believe it's Friday and nearly the weekend - I have a 3 hour drive to watch a very special friend try on some, hopefully, pretty fabulous white dresses. We also have a Christening and a christmas tree to buy - I'm going in a week earlier than I normally do.. eeeee excited! Who else is getting they're tree this weekend?