Well - it is frickin freezing.. Autum has now been blown away and replaced by white frost and a dusting of snow.. well not today - we have gales, rain and this horrid darkness that makes you wish you hadn't bothered getting out of bed! but at least there's been touches of pretty winter and not just nastiness - hey ho..

So another weeks gone and I still haven't found the time to write a Paris post.. Sorry.. I'm manically trying to get everything done and dusted before the dreaded C bomb and in the evenings I'm being ridiculously lazy - snuggling under blankets and drinking lots of tea.. and just relaxing. Will get my blogging back on track asap - promise!

Can't believe it's Friday and nearly the weekend - I have a 3 hour drive to watch a very special friend try on some, hopefully, pretty fabulous white dresses. We also have a Christening and a christmas tree to buy - I'm going in a week earlier than I normally do.. eeeee excited! Who else is getting they're tree this weekend?


  1. We are! So excited! Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

  2. We are too! But not putting it up til next weekend. And yes it is FREEZING! x