snow day

so we are having a very random 24hr. due to certain reasons we've spent the last week working and living in Bath - we've been waiting for news so to speak and those results came back yesterday and after an amazing celebratory meal in the yummiest Italian we got in our car and headed back to Norfolk.

We knew from mum and dad that snow had been falling so we were ready for a bad journey - but the weird thing was driving across the country there was NOTHING - until we hit the first roundabout of our local town. From there there was so much snow - no grip, no real roads, just vague tracks from where some other crazy people at one in the morning had been driving. We'd made record time till that point and slowly managed to get back to our house.

Once there after 9 days away - realised that we'd had a fuel fail. No heating, or hot water. We're both full of cold and had to all get into bed with so many clothes on. Oli, dad and my brother our now hunting for heating fuel as they can't deliver till Friday - I think they've found some so are off to fix it.. Why is it whenever it snows you always have boiler issues! hey ho.. good being back to craziness...

This was our driving into work - had to try and see over the top of our 3/4 inches of snow..

ps arrived at the farm to my dad flying his new helicopter thing.. bit random and made even cuter as he's in his all in one boiler suit!

Oh and there is a Paris post coming very soon... mainly telling myself this so I finally get it finished! #hopeless


well, that's nice..

Had my friend text me to tell me my blog was famous and mentioned in the Feb issue of Country Homes and Interiors. I have to say that I was very touched as this is one of my favourite mags! The photos they used was one of my first ever posts and the images that made me think about having a blog.

Very nice indeed! Thanks Ellie! x


life recently

So this is it.. all the photos I took at Christmas. It might have something to do with the fact that my iPhone got full. My whole life seems to be managing, storing and deleting photos. I used to be so tidy with it but it's all just turned into chaos! hey ho.. Think I'm back on track now.

We were so busy before christmas I didn't have the time to do the wrapping the way I wanted too.. But I did make a few net pom pom badges and brought some wool in the colours above which looked cute.

Christmas day was spent at the farm with a very excited 2 1/2 year old nephew and a very well behaved 11 month niece. We ate, we walked, we giggled and we relaxed by the fire until bed time. We then got to play Christmas 3 more times in Bath with the boys family.

New years followed a friends 30th and both were dinner parties, both were SO much fun, both seriously delicious and both very messy!

I've now de-Christmased the house and it's had a mega tidy.. I now have a stone to loose and to get my body into some sort of fitness routine. Yoga stopped for December and once I start doing it again I'm sure I'll feel better.. also need to get my running shoes on once again. and maybe not drinking every night will help!


well hello..


I left 2012 melancholy.

It had been such a weird and wonderful year. I gained this new life and profession as well as trying my hardest to keep up with my old one. I suddenly after 9 years of togetherness gained a little independence and courage to be more on my own and trust and believe in myself a little bit more. I watch my boy blossom in taking our company forward and to do and produce work which is not only exciting but makes me so, so proud. Our 7 year journey running our company together is now blossoming beyond our control and exciting things will be happening in 2013 to make sure it continues to grow. My own little company got a bit out of control too.. but with first years there are so many lessons to learn. I'm working on my new website at the moment and I have a better idea of where I'm going and what I've done.

Christmas was fun but boy did I need to stop.. We worked a little and saw and drank a lot. We took last week off to catch up with being at home and just to find some space and it turns out we were tired - we slept so much. But that little space has cleared my mind and I'm feeling so much better. More positive, more me.

I've loved reading and seeing all about your 2012's. But I am so excited for 2013.