life recently

So this is it.. all the photos I took at Christmas. It might have something to do with the fact that my iPhone got full. My whole life seems to be managing, storing and deleting photos. I used to be so tidy with it but it's all just turned into chaos! hey ho.. Think I'm back on track now.

We were so busy before christmas I didn't have the time to do the wrapping the way I wanted too.. But I did make a few net pom pom badges and brought some wool in the colours above which looked cute.

Christmas day was spent at the farm with a very excited 2 1/2 year old nephew and a very well behaved 11 month niece. We ate, we walked, we giggled and we relaxed by the fire until bed time. We then got to play Christmas 3 more times in Bath with the boys family.

New years followed a friends 30th and both were dinner parties, both were SO much fun, both seriously delicious and both very messy!

I've now de-Christmased the house and it's had a mega tidy.. I now have a stone to loose and to get my body into some sort of fitness routine. Yoga stopped for December and once I start doing it again I'm sure I'll feel better.. also need to get my running shoes on once again. and maybe not drinking every night will help!


  1. the not drinking every night helps everything!! But..it was a holiday...!

  2. Oh tell me about it - the full iphone, the no-time to wrap as would wish, the lack of exercise and an extra stone in weight! Think we're in the same club!

  3. I really need to start doing yoga, I go to the gym loads but I need something more relaxing. How do you find it, do you enjoy it? xxx

    1. Eleanor I love it! I did it for a year before my wedding and then got out of the habit of going. Starting it again has made me remember how much I love and why need I need it in my life. The class I go to is very low key and fun, but still with that I'm more flexible, toned and I guess more aware of my body.. But I think it's worth giving it a try.

    2. I need to go back too. I love that feeling you get afterwards. Used to go twice a week before having kids and I miss it so much.

      I see your stone and raise you my stone and a half ;)

  4. I love the wrapping with the brownish paper! Decided on the very same this time (feels already so long ago, though)! What a lovely ideas with the pom poms!
    Your dog is super cute!!



  5. These photos are wonderful! Absolutely in love with your wrapping skills :)

    Lucy xo