snow day

so we are having a very random 24hr. due to certain reasons we've spent the last week working and living in Bath - we've been waiting for news so to speak and those results came back yesterday and after an amazing celebratory meal in the yummiest Italian we got in our car and headed back to Norfolk.

We knew from mum and dad that snow had been falling so we were ready for a bad journey - but the weird thing was driving across the country there was NOTHING - until we hit the first roundabout of our local town. From there there was so much snow - no grip, no real roads, just vague tracks from where some other crazy people at one in the morning had been driving. We'd made record time till that point and slowly managed to get back to our house.

Once there after 9 days away - realised that we'd had a fuel fail. No heating, or hot water. We're both full of cold and had to all get into bed with so many clothes on. Oli, dad and my brother our now hunting for heating fuel as they can't deliver till Friday - I think they've found some so are off to fix it.. Why is it whenever it snows you always have boiler issues! hey ho.. good being back to craziness...

This was our driving into work - had to try and see over the top of our 3/4 inches of snow..

ps arrived at the farm to my dad flying his new helicopter thing.. bit random and made even cuter as he's in his all in one boiler suit!

Oh and there is a Paris post coming very soon... mainly telling myself this so I finally get it finished! #hopeless


  1. Oh blimey - and I hear on the news it is only going to get worse. Take care and keep warm - I hope you get some heating soon.

    Nina x

  2. beautiful-sad i missed all the snow when i was home at christmas

  3. Hope everything's ok lovely? Hope to see you soon xx

  4. It's weird, we're just outside Norwich in thrnopposite direction to you (just past Great Yarmouth) and we have had no snow at all, yet Norwich is at a standstill! Hope your news was exceedingly good! xxx

  5. Oh see, now I want to know what the news is/was! But you went out for celebratory meal, so it must have been good, which is all that matters! Hope you're keeping warm now! x