well it's only taken a couple of months! And in 3 days we're heading off to New York for our next holiday.. but here are some more pictures from our trip to Paris! I had a lot of people asking me to recommend what to do after we'd been - but we are both the most hopeless travellers.. We kinda just walk and take things in. I think this trip was even more different as we wanted to see my fiends Paris, she's lived there on or off for years and know's and loves it so much.

we arrived on a rainy grey day. our journey was seamless as the new Eurostar from Kings Cross meant we didn't even have to get connections through London - crossed the road and boom - there. The journey was good and our hotel a 15 minute walk down hill from Gare du Nord. I was sold on the 9Hotel through it's website and pictures. The price was also expectable. A little more for a little style. The room was stylish, cute and comfy and as we arrived a little ahead of my friends finishing work we swiftly went hunting for refreshments.. Pastries, a bottle of red and a bottle opener got - the holiday started well!

our first day was grey. but not wet - YAY.. we went a walking! We were met by our friends and started from our hotel and walked higgle-dg piggdily through Paris ending up at Notre Dame and the Louvre - seeing all the sites and walking through the parks. We had an amazing meal at Hotel du Nord which is one of their favourites and so seriously delicious.

The Sunday was fun - we got to play at the food market Marché les Enfants Rouges - bread and dinner goodies brought (mushroom risotto, salad and cheese and bread to start) we walking around the The Marais area mussing around the courtyards, markets and design shops, drinking a little coffee on the way and picking up a few incredible creations from a patisserie for pud. I don't do cream so I want for a lemon meringue - but the chocolate gateaux, pistachio + raspberry moose cake and mille feuille went down a treat.

On the Monday the boy and I got to play tourist until our train ride home - we managed with some help, to get some subway tickets and headed to the Eiffel Tower. The day was crisp and a little stormy but once we got there the boy decided that we had to go to the top.. I hate lifts so as a compromise made him walk up the stairs.. Well we made it up to the second level and due to the height my legs were like jelly I decided I'd gone high enough - he also agreed.. You have to be pretty brave to go to the top - but it was worth the stairs up there as the view was amazing!

We finished our adventure at the pompidou. It's the only time the boy and I take in a little art.. we then found a few macaroons and headed home.

All photos were taken on my iPhone and edited using VSCO cam whilst out there, and on the train back..


well - I can't believe January has gone.. why does time go so quickly..

a week today I will be 30..

i have mixed feelings about it - age is just a number - time does and cannot stand still, nor would I want it too.. I love getting older, I feel more confidant and without question I know myself so much better now. I don't have lists of what I want to achieve, I don't have regrets about what's been and gone - it's all been a journey.

But it's still 30.. but it does seem a little too old! sigh

I have no idea how I'm celebrating - Oli is planning, or not planning.. I'm not sure which! and as a control freak this is not a nice feeling! I know there should be a dinner - I don't know if anyones been invited and I have no idea where!

What I do know is that in 15 days I'll be heading to New York and one of my favourite girls - a birthday treat to each other. I am so excited! We've been once and fell in Love - this time I want to go and get to know it a little better.. Any tips would be amazing! From food, to galleries, walks, parks, bagels and Burger's!

Hope you're all good.. I'll be back