life lately

I am exhausted.. feeling so lucky that we've not been hit by the snow cicling around over the UK - but man it is COLD outside. Our office isn't the cosiest place to be in weather like this - but for anyone like my Dad and brother who work outside.. I just don't know how you do it.

So my life recently hasn't been very eventful.. I had a lovely, spontaneous weekend in London a while ago - where Dave got to go on a train.. I went bridesmaid shopping and got to splash out..

we went to a beautiful spring wedding on saturday - which ended in a dusting of snow.. was so beautiful, colourful and magical.. loved it!

Otherwise there is one thing in our lives at the moment.. our new office.

Every inch of spare time has been going into decorating it. Every evening we buddle up in our boiler suits and get painting, sanding or what ever else is needed... I do think we're nearly there now - and we now have heaters, meaning a little warmth to paint in!

I hope you have a really happy easter! I will be mainly sleeping and trying to stay warm!



It's the weekend.. yay

A week of work and evenings of painting bricks done and a weekend of catch ups about to happen! Oli's away so I'm seeing as many friends as I can - Dave and I will be going on an adventure.. very exciting!

I hope lots of brunch and breakfast will come with it! Even though we've had a rush on building websites for B&B's so there's been a lot of breakfast photography done! I love this one I took for Brindleys Bath. We're a clean, modern kinda couple, but sometimes a little pattern can make me smile.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. x


new website and a thank you

So I thought I'd start off my showing you my new website. I have invested in a CMS site meaning that I can upload new gallery's and manage all content and images myself without having to bug the boys to do it for me.

Annoyingly since going live I've been so sick I haven't done that much updating.. but with the wedding season just round the corner and a new office coming soon I think it's going to be good! I've still got some great wedding to add on there but there is also work that I never got around to sharing last year so please go and take a look.

And then a Thank You... Have you met Clare at Whiter than White Weddings ..?

I also have to say a massive thank you to her and Whiter than White Weddings for featuring my photography. I LOVE this ladies taste.. not only is every post on her blog super stylish and interesting she also has the best Pinterest page! We also shared the same photographer for our weddings - the amazing Chloe - and you can see bits of her weddings here. She's new to the block so please take a look, I think she's doing us UK girls proud.


catch up..


I'm not doing well at this juggling malarky! How are you all?

I'm good - I've been busy since last being here..

I turned 30 - not very glamerously as I was ill and feeling very sorry for myself so spent most of the day crying.. not cool! did however get to have an amazing meal with my dearest friends and once the prosecco had kicked in started to enjoy myself!

We've been and come back from New York - it was amazing but I still haven't downloaded the photos..  must sort out my software so its at home as well as work

I launched my new Photography website - ages ago but never said anything on here about it - woops..

We have also just launched our new Made by PFD site. which has gone down really well.. we've also joined facebook now which is exciting!

We are doing up an old barn that will be our brand new, bigger and better office.. more on this I promise as it is mega exciting! But all our free time is going into cleaning and sealing bricks - making me very much fall out of love with our feature wall.

Oooo and I got new hair - darker and a bit shorter.

I've been working on a new design for the blog which I'm hoping will get uploaded soon - I've been feeling a little un inspired by life - a january/february thing - but march has put a spring back into my step so fingers crossed for happier times. I hope you're all good and will be back soon on more of the above!

all photos taken with my iPhone and edited with VSCO