It's the weekend.. yay

A week of work and evenings of painting bricks done and a weekend of catch ups about to happen! Oli's away so I'm seeing as many friends as I can - Dave and I will be going on an adventure.. very exciting!

I hope lots of brunch and breakfast will come with it! Even though we've had a rush on building websites for B&B's so there's been a lot of breakfast photography done! I love this one I took for Brindleys Bath. We're a clean, modern kinda couple, but sometimes a little pattern can make me smile.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. x


  1. I'm totally into my patterns, the more they clash the better. Yey!

  2. gosh, just have now stumbled on your blog and I am having a bit of a crush on your lovely sense of style & beautiful photography! You have won over yet another follower! xxoo

  3. Love this image, my favourite colours for crockery and delicious looking food too. Heaven.

  4. I just came across your blog recently, really enjoying it, thanks, so pretty.

    Anna x