new website and a thank you

So I thought I'd start off my showing you my new website. I have invested in a CMS site meaning that I can upload new gallery's and manage all content and images myself without having to bug the boys to do it for me.

Annoyingly since going live I've been so sick I haven't done that much updating.. but with the wedding season just round the corner and a new office coming soon I think it's going to be good! I've still got some great wedding to add on there but there is also work that I never got around to sharing last year so please go and take a look.

And then a Thank You... Have you met Clare at Whiter than White Weddings ..?

I also have to say a massive thank you to her and Whiter than White Weddings for featuring my photography. I LOVE this ladies taste.. not only is every post on her blog super stylish and interesting she also has the best Pinterest page! We also shared the same photographer for our weddings - the amazing Chloe - and you can see bits of her weddings here. She's new to the block so please take a look, I think she's doing us UK girls proud.

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  1. So touched, thanks so much for such a lovely little write up. Loving the new website too! Looking forward to seeing more of your weddings soon... x