boom it is the weekend. And like my darling Dave I fancy a wee rest.

this is the first weekend and the last for a while when I am at home and no plans. I am pooped. Office is done and we are in.. we're surviving off little furniture and need to sort and move all old office things next week - but for the past 2 days I've been sitting and enjoying my new desk and new view.  I have also been paintbrush free since Monday.. such a relief.

Saying that move hasn't been without it stresses - BT kindly cut off our phone line 2 days early and when we did get in our wifi is shocking - today I've been downloading at half the power of dial up (0.33 Mbps to be precise) - for a web design agency/anyone this is un-usable. To load this page it took 3 minutes.. grrr.  I think the boys getting this fixed next tuesday so once again we'll be sailing forwards.

For now my focus needs to move to home. Living out of suitcases and barely being there have left it looking very unloved and un homely. I think it's just surface chaos but who know's what happening there!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I have an Easter catch up next week and maybe finally New York!

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