dad and lewis

It's been a while that since my Dad's been on here. Farm life has been somewhat of a struggle this year - but as with everything we all just keep on going. I'm so lucky to get to see my parents all the time - and even more lucky that they're so supportive of us and our work.

Lewis is my mum and dad's pride of joy! He's also one of the craziest dogs I've ever met! He's a mix between a westie and a scottie and is this beautiful speckled grey colour. Dave has a love hate relationship with him! But Dave has that relationship with most dogs - and people!

Works been keeping us busy. And the weathers making us sad.. patiently waiting for sun. Hope you're all good.


  1. Lewis is such a cutie. My friend lent me her gorgeous cat for the night as I needed the cuddles... But I'm a dog person... We lasted 2 hours together!

  2. such a perfectly sweet post. xo

  3. I've never seen that cross breed, but now I want one, he's gorgeous. Love the photo of your Dad too.