it's begun..

So wedding season has kicked off well and truly! Am trying to keep on top of the work load this year but am already falling behind! eeeek - not helped by the two this weekend and the fact that we're off on holiday on Wednesday for a week!

But oh I have forgotten HOW much I LOVE this job. Already I have met and photographed the most beautiful, fun people who have amazing families and beautiful weddings. What a lucky girl hey!

This is a Cotswolds Wedding and I almost cried when I left I'd had so much fun. You can see the full wedding over on my website. I have another two that will be added soon and have high hopes for the rest of the season.

Giving myself an afternoon off now - very rare.. Off too a dress fitting with a very special lady who's wedding is creeping up. I'm so excited about getting a sneak peak at the dress which she designed herself. Also a chance to do a little bikini shopping - which is tricky in weather like this!

Have a happy weekend and see more photos of Kathryn and Ryan's wedding here.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful bride. Love how you've captured them. x

  2. Amazingly beautiful Tori - A very happy and colourful day! x

  3. beautiful photos and landscape is perfect
    aquamarine rings are perfect for this accasion