Vintage Deli

Hey! so life has been super busy.. as always! we had an amazing anniversary in Bath. Managed to make it to Bath in time for dinner - just - and then celebrated by drinking too much prosecco and cocktails and not being able to eat the most delicious steak I've ever had. They were so lovely at the restaurant and wrapped it up in a tin foil basket so dave and I could enjoy it the next day.

So the reason for the above photos is that my amazing friend - Katy from Vintage Deli - is up for an award, which kinda effects us too! Vintage Deli has been shortlisted as the Best Online Vintage Shop - the only problem is.. we'd been planning a big new website launch and also Katy had been working on a re brand with the very talented girls from c-o. So we've had two manic weeks trying get everything ready - we missed the first week of the competition and are now playing catch up. But I'm so proud of the boy and PFD for this website. I think it looks super slick and stylish and I know Katy has loads more to go on - so it will only get better and better.

So if you could take two seconds and vote for Vintage Deli - we'd all be very grateful. We want to get into the top three to see what the judges think! I promise it only take two seconds and you just have to give your email as identification.. thats it.

Follow this link to vote.

Thank you and let us know what you think of the site!



  1. Beautiful site - as you say, really chic and stylish and perfectly shows off those gorgeous clothes. Have voted! Glad your anniversary was so lovely - hope all the madness calms down soon. Xx

  2. Love the website's design, very nice and simple. I especially love that you can filter by the item's size too, something that is often lacking on vintage sites for some strange reason! Hope your friend does well, she certainly seems like she deserves to x