life lately

So life lately has been good! We're both massively stressed and have loads on - but we're kinda working with it and surviving a bit better than last year.

I think the answer to happiness are Cosmopolitans - out with the Gin - in with the Vodka! Oli and I are addicted to them.. Cocktail hour has now entered the O'Connor bungalow and it's doing wonders!

Had a lovely weekend. Went back to wedding work instead of being wedding guest.. But as it was the most beautiful summers day and Rowan and Dan and their friends and family were such good fun it didn't feel like work! I also had my boy with me helping me out - which is always nice! Also had to have the token photo with the photographer moment.. delete!

As always the only thing I'm updating seems to be Instagram - I am addicted.. So if I'm not here for a while you can see what I'm up to there.


floral friday

Yay it's Friday!

This week I have been mainly sorting out my sick computer - this has meant a slightly disrupted unproductive week.. Hey ho - the suns shinning and I have a really exciting wedding on Saturday in Suffolk - and my boys coming with me! First time he's been my second shooter this year. So much fun working with him, and at weddings I get to be the boss - which is a novelty!

How beautiful is this bouquet by the amazing Miss Pickering. I got to work with her once again at a simply stunning Rutland wedding.. we even got to have a sneaky diet coke break chat together. I love working with and meeting all these incredible people. I think that's why I love this space so much. You all make me work harder, do more and want more.

Thank you.



This seems like forever ago.. June has been madness but a lot of fun! We're now back in the office with lots of work to catch up on and a tan fading too quickly.

We loved this holiday with Oli's mum and her man.. cliffs, coves and wild grasses. North-East Spain is breath taking - I couldn't recommend it more.

Taking a break and packing away the camera was bliss - all these are iPhone and edited with vsco cam.