floral friday

Yay it's Friday!

This week I have been mainly sorting out my sick computer - this has meant a slightly disrupted unproductive week.. Hey ho - the suns shinning and I have a really exciting wedding on Saturday in Suffolk - and my boys coming with me! First time he's been my second shooter this year. So much fun working with him, and at weddings I get to be the boss - which is a novelty!

How beautiful is this bouquet by the amazing Miss Pickering. I got to work with her once again at a simply stunning Rutland wedding.. we even got to have a sneaky diet coke break chat together. I love working with and meeting all these incredible people. I think that's why I love this space so much. You all make me work harder, do more and want more.

Thank you.


  1. Beautiful flowers, beautifully shot by your good self :)

  2. Hope your computer is fixed. Mine is at the menders at the moment. Its scary how much I miss it!!

  3. beautiful bouquet of flowers
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