Autumn Rose

well.. it's been a while!

Summer has flown by in a flash of weddings. so many amazing people have been met and 1000's of photos taken. I still have a lot of weddings to edit and so much to share and show.

This summers been hard but amazing. Running a business was something I thought I knew about - having run one with Oli for 7 years.. but being a part of 2 business and solely responsible for one is hard. Saying that it might soon be turning into three! more on that soon though..

The lessons I've learnt this year will go towards hopefully a better balance next year. And I love growing and learning - I just wish there was one more day a week! I'll let you know when I've posted some weddings - I have 7 that I want to add and that's without the other 8 I've still got to edit.

I am looking forward to a bit more time and catching up on all your blogs as well as with friends.