Flower School

So this is something I've been meaning to share for so long - well since November.. I got to spend the most amazing day with the lovely Miss Pickering at her incredible Flower School.

I honestly have always dreamed of one day having/living in a flower shop - I think it comes from my obsession over My Fair Lady when I was younger. Therefor having the opportunity of playing in Miss Pickerings perfect Stamford flower shop was incredible. Coffee and biscuits started the day in which we leant how to do arrangements, bouquets, button holes and my obvious favourite flower crowns!

The classes are small and very creative. You literally have a flower shop to play in with the incredible guidance from the one and only Miss Pickering - who not only is the best teacher but the loveliest human ever! I'm planting up my garden this summer as I now feel I'm capable of table arrangements to equal any Downtown Abbey set!

Keep your eyes peeled for her classes and find a friend to go with or just treat yourself to an amazing day.

Thank you so much for having me..


Tori Hancock Photography 2013

Just starting to realise how much work I did last year - and looking at the diary 2014 is looking even more crazy! I am so excited though. Tori Hancock Photography has kept me so busy but I'm hoping to come back to wells and vogue soon. I have a few personal projects lined up and and as always Oli and I are striving to find the perfect life/work balance.

Stoping and looking has been nice today. Hope you're all well x