thank you.. and a catch up.

Well that was always going to be a hard post to write - and an even a harder one to follow.

I'm so thankful for anyone who's reached out. A kiss, a message, a card, a comment, a care package, flowers a knitted fish in a clear plastic bag - anything has meant so much to us. I'm also so thankful for my clients who have been so incredible understanding and supportive. I'm so behind on editing these amazing weddings I've been lucky enough to photograph this year. I hate letting everyone down but am doing my best catching up.

So we have so much going on in our lives.

New extension on our house - we're re-working all our living space. It's being plastered this week so getting to the exciting part of painting and final fittings! Can't wait to show you more.

Our beautiful Dave is currently disabled.. He's recovering from back surgery and we think he's got another back issue as his recovery has gone down hill - he's showing a few good signs again - fingers crossed - and is in no pain and very happy. He just can't walk at the moment. He's so cute though and we've renamed him Tiny Tim.

I've shot my first cookbook with the most amazing friend - it was the scariest yet most exciting project I've ever worked on. All images have now been sent off and I think it should be on sale in March time. I loved every second and met the most amazing women through it. The most delicious vegetarian cookbook is coming your way - Watch this space! She'll be shooting her own book next time I'm sure - her talent and photography is incredible. She is one of the loveliest, oldest friends I have.

And obviously all our day to day clients and work. Weddings, websites, logo's, illustrations, packaging, more food photography. At the moment life is just a bit too full on and stressful. But I am very thankful for it. I love working hard..

I just think maybe next year - not so hard.

Thank you again x