About Me

this is me..

my names Tori but here i'm know as wellies! this is a little blog of my life mainly through images.. even though I am known to have a little rant occasionally. i live in rural Norfolk with my husband Oli and little dog Dave. we moved to Norfolk in 2006 to start out own little company, Passion Fruit Design, which mainly specialises in website design even though my main role is doing product photography and a little illustration and design - the boy's the wiz with html! even though we miss the hussle of city living we have a very happy little life and love what we do and the people we get to work for.

i started wellies and vogue as a place for me to escape too.. but what it has turned into is a journey of my life through images, learning and loving everything to do with photography. i also used my blog to document our wedding as well as other findings..

I've now just set up my own photography company Tori Hancock Photography - specialising in weddings and lifestyle photo shoots. You can find out more here..

all images here are mainly taken by me using our Canon 5D mark ii and have also got a mark iii on the way! I use a 50mm 1.2 lens for most of the pictures on here. i usually use photoshop to edit.

so thats me.. I hope you have fun reading through my blog x x